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lawn care landscaping by animals
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People who are usually interested in beauty and maintenance of their gardens combine lawn care and landscaping in order to obtain best results. Some of the best tips include lawn edging. This helps in providing a defined perimeter between the yard and the sidewalk. Many gardeners use this technique for separating flower beds too. Apart from the lawn edging removes the chances of weed from propping up thus adding to the lawn care.

The lawn care industry is booming. The businesses offer the customers customized lawn care or depending upon the customer’s time constraint they offer weekly or annual services in a package. These services include application of herbicides, pesticides, and various types of chemical fertilizers.

Thatch removal is yet another great idea for lawn care. Thatch removal helps in providing greater air flow and diminishes the chances of fungal growth or insect infestation. Additionally it helps the lawn by preventing it from frost damage and reduces the process of evaporation. This in turn translates into the fact that you don’t have to water the plants so frequently during summers. But why is thatch removal so important in lawn care.

Thatch is layer that comprises of stems that are both living and non-living. There are rhizomes, stolons and roots present between the grass and the soil surface. When you remove this layer the grass automatically become healthier and green, thus adding to the landscape.

Aerating is an important constituent of lawn care. This process should be performed twice a year – in spring and in fall. This procedure helps in reducing the surface compaction. Try to remove small bunches of turf from the lawn. It not only helps in absorbing more water, it helps in absorption of nutrients too. For a healthy lawn, aeration should be performed at least once a year.

When you really want to beautify your lawn, how can you forget about planting various types of plants? Plant various types of shrubs and flowers along with herbal plants to ward off the insects. Herbal plantation is an important aspect of lawn care, as herbs not only repel insects, they also add to the odor of the atmosphere.

Mulching is yet another great way of lawn care. Add fresh mulch to your garden. It also makes a good addition to the vista of your house. Apart from this mulching helps the plants to retain moisture and nutrients. Weeds growth is also limited. The most popular mulch is the shredded hardwood in brown or red.

The bottom line is that lawn care improves both the health and the landscape of your garden.


Hydroponic Herb Gardening On The Roof

Hydroponic Herb Gardening On The Roof

Hydroponic gardening is a method of gardening where your plants are grown in a nutrient solution suspended in water, rather than soil. Hydroponic gardening increases your yield per acre and can accelerate plant growth.  For that reason, nearly all plants that are grown for research purposes are grown hydroponically.   As you being to assemble your hydroponic gardening supplies, there is one item that you definitely will not need soil.

Research has shown that soil is not necessary to grow terrestrial plants, only the minerals that are stored within the soil.  In nature, soil is the best way to store nutrients, but if you are willing to invest in hydroponic gardening supplies, you should find yourself with larger, healthier plants that grow in a shorter amount of time.  Depending on the scale of your fine gardening endeavor, you should be able to find most of your hydroponic gardening supplies right in your own home.

The first thing that you will need to find is a container in which you will hold your water.  Some people like to use Mason jars or buckets if they are doing it at home.  However, there are more sophisticated systems available, and you are likely to get better results with them.  First, you should look for a growing tray that allows your water to move and circulate around the roots of your plants.

You should also have a reservoir in which you keep a more concentrated mineral solution that will slowly mix with the water of your system.  Attached to your growing tray, a key component of your hydroponic gardening supplies will be an air pump.  This ensures that there is enough oxygen in the water, something your plants need.

Since you are more than likely growing your plants indoors, you should invest in a grow light that will give them an added boost of UV rays that they need to do photosynthesis.  If you are growing a lot of plants in one room, you should consider getting some duct fans to keep the general air of the room in balance.  Ozone generators provide much of the same type of service.  All these components work to provide the healthiest environment for your fine gardening endeavors.

Choosing the right nutrient solution can be the most challenging part of picking your hydroponic gardening supplies.  Every type of plant needs a slightly different mixture.   Again, depending on what scale you are doing your gardening, you can either mix the solution by hand and add it to your jars or buckets with a dropper or scoop, or you can purchase a pre-mixed solution in bulk and put it in a reservoir that will automatically mix the nutrients for you.

As you begin your hydroponic gardening experience, you may need to experiment a little, but eventually you will find yourself growing plants that you never thought were possible.

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