Hanging Containers

Photo by Vilseskogen

Container gardening has become a popular method of fine gardening in the past decade or so.  Prior to that, container gardening was almost exclusively used by space-starved apartment dwellers.  Nowadays, container gardens are found on decks, in nooks and crannies, and in even incorporated into traditional gardens!

Container gardening involves selecting appropriate plants to put into movable buckets or barrels.  It is important to match the appropriate plant to the appropriate container and put them in the best location possible.  However, since container gardening is both versatile and portable, it is easy to change your design if you find you don’t like your original idea.

When looking to design a creative container garden, the first step is to look at the type of containers you will use.  Terra cotta pots are the most popular container gardening choice, but they will often crack after two or three years of use.  Don’t limit yourself.  Try fiberglass, wood, or concrete.  Found objects can be perfect for container gardening: try an old sink or a tin washtub.  If you find a container in the shape you want, but not the color, try painting it.  Home improvement stores are full of ideas and supplies for creating any kind of faux finish you could dream up.

The next element of design in your container garden should be the plants themselves.  It might be possible to grow species you would not otherwise be able to, as you can control the soil mixture and sun exposure in each individual container.  Container gardens are also great places to grow rock plants as long as your container has good drainage.  Think of the purpose you want these plants to serve.  Should they be tall to screen an ugly area of the backyard, or should they be low and colorful to outline a sidewalk?  Choose your plants accordingly.

Container gardening means versatility of location.  Use your containers in a creative configuration on the corner of your patio.  You can also use them to create a border around your traditional garden.  The containers can even be put into the ground as a quick fix if one of your other garden plants dies.  Some people have found success placing a row of containers on top of a low wall.  However, these containers should be sturdy enough to withstand wind and passersby.  Others have mounted their containers on garden walls to add height their garden design.  Sometimes a single container on the landing of a staircase can brighten up the entire space.   Just make sure that the container and the plant work well in your chosen location.

Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to container gardening.  It is easy to see why it has become so popular.


Flower Nursery

photo by Kristian F

A gardener is often proud of his or her nursery. This is because of all the care and effort that goes into it. A nursery is the showcase of a gardener. This is the place where all the plants are kept or propagated. There are different types of nurseries like the wholesale nurseries, retail nurseries, and even private nurseries. Business in nursery gardening is seasonal. So the nursery owners adapt to the fine gardening techniques and use these to maximize the gains.

Nursery gardening requires lots of sweat. This is because the plants for sale have to be grown with extreme care. Each sprout is given extra care as it means money. The plants are usually grown in a greenhouse or protected environment. This is adopted as a part of fine gardening and is done to keep the plants protected from the harsh weathers and at the same time allows the essential light and air to pass in. Some of the modern greenhouses used in nursery gardening are semi-automated. These semi-automated greenhouses allow the garden keeper to control the settings. There are fold-back roofs and foldable side glasses as well.

Nursery gardening requires high labor. Though certain processes are automated, some nurseries still follow the traditional methods which require the people to take care of the plants. In the traditional method individual attention and special care is given to each plant. This method is said to improve the conditions of the growth of the plants. In UK, the latest advancements in the computer technology are being used in the nursery gardening. The plants are being palletized, grown in allotted spaces, and these grow with the least human intervention. Highly specialized labor is used in the nursery gardening over there.

A Flower Nursery In Spring

In nursery gardening, most plants are propagated through seeds. For some plants the asexual methods of reproduction like budding, layering, and grafting are used. The nurseries sell different types of plants – ornamental, medicinal, annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, and even the very costly ones. The best part is that there are customers for all these varieties. Mostly the plantings are sold in trays, plastic pots, clay pots, or even in polythene bags. Sometimes the plantings are sold even online. The ordered plantings are carefully packed and sent through airmail. The factors like the temperature, distance and time required to reach the destination, etc. also are taken into account when doing the online sales.

These nurseries also offer guides, catalogs, and books on the fine gardening techniques to the customers. Seeds also are sold. Other garden accessories like spades, pots, trays, and other gardening equipments are usually available at the nurseries. If you want, even you can start a nursery at home. This will be known as a private nursery. You can sell the plants which get orders and keep the rest to decorate your own garden at the same time. If you follow the tips on fine gardening, your nursery gardening will be a very interesting and easy process. You will find yourself getting involved in the process gradually.

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