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Flower Nursery

photo by Kristian F

A gardener is often proud of his or her nursery. This is because of all the care and effort that goes into it. A nursery is the showcase of a gardener. This is the place where all the plants are kept or propagated. There are different types of nurseries like the wholesale nurseries, retail nurseries, and even private nurseries. Business in nursery gardening is seasonal. So the nursery owners adapt to the fine gardening techniques and use these to maximize the gains.

Nursery gardening requires lots of sweat. This is because the plants for sale have to be grown with extreme care. Each sprout is given extra care as it means money. The plants are usually grown in a greenhouse or protected environment. This is adopted as a part of fine gardening and is done to keep the plants protected from the harsh weathers and at the same time allows the essential light and air to pass in. Some of the modern greenhouses used in nursery gardening are semi-automated. These semi-automated greenhouses allow the garden keeper to control the settings. There are fold-back roofs and foldable side glasses as well.

Nursery gardening requires high labor. Though certain processes are automated, some nurseries still follow the traditional methods which require the people to take care of the plants. In the traditional method individual attention and special care is given to each plant. This method is said to improve the conditions of the growth of the plants. In UK, the latest advancements in the computer technology are being used in the nursery gardening. The plants are being palletized, grown in allotted spaces, and these grow with the least human intervention. Highly specialized labor is used in the nursery gardening over there.

A Flower Nursery In Spring

In nursery gardening, most plants are propagated through seeds. For some plants the asexual methods of reproduction like budding, layering, and grafting are used. The nurseries sell different types of plants – ornamental, medicinal, annuals, perennials, herbs, shrubs, and even the very costly ones. The best part is that there are customers for all these varieties. Mostly the plantings are sold in trays, plastic pots, clay pots, or even in polythene bags. Sometimes the plantings are sold even online. The ordered plantings are carefully packed and sent through airmail. The factors like the temperature, distance and time required to reach the destination, etc. also are taken into account when doing the online sales.

These nurseries also offer guides, catalogs, and books on the fine gardening techniques to the customers. Seeds also are sold. Other garden accessories like spades, pots, trays, and other gardening equipments are usually available at the nurseries. If you want, even you can start a nursery at home. This will be known as a private nursery. You can sell the plants which get orders and keep the rest to decorate your own garden at the same time. If you follow the tips on fine gardening, your nursery gardening will be a very interesting and easy process. You will find yourself getting involved in the process gradually.

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garden waterfall pond
Photo by  Andrew Rollinger

Gardening is a wonderful activity.  Be it be a hobby or occupation, gardening is one activity that is sure to give you immense pleasure and satisfaction. The fine designs of the gardens, the yields, the sprouts, can give you lots of happiness and satisfaction.

There are several resources on the internet which give you fine gardening tips. These tips can be on the creative aspects and fine designs, on choosing compatible seeds, gardening supplies, or layouts. Some resources give you advices and instructions on how to create a fine design of your garden by utilizing the landscape to the full and putting in everything you find to make your garden a wonderful one.

Fine gardening is a concept which includes the use of the landscape, a good variety of plants, and everyday articles which you can club for use in the garden. And when the garden is organized, it looks wonderful. If you have a wide array of plants and they are not organized, your garden will look awful.

There are many benefits of gardens which have been designed tastefully and the prime one is that it makes your searches quicker. But if your garden is not organized, it can waste your time unnecessarily. In case it is your kitchen garden; you may want to pick a gooseberry or a chilly from the garden quickly while you are cooking. So if the garden is unorganized you will spend a good deal of time in locating what you need.

Maintaining your garden better and looking after it properly is possible if you have designed your garden in detail. Removing the weeds, applying the fertilizers, removing the dead and decayed plants, all these are easy if you follow the fine gardening tips. Sitting down and removing the weeds from under the plants is indeed a tedious process. But if it is all cluttered, your job becomes almost impossible. For example if you have mint growing with your flowers, it will become wearisome to remove the ever-growing mint roots in order to let the flowering plant grow.

The fundamentals of fine gardening help in giving your garden an aesthetic and calming appeal. There are different types of fine designs for gardens. It all depends on the landscape you have, the type of garden you choose to construct, the plants being included, the climate, and even the look and feel of the surrounding area or your house. It is essential to tap those factors when the fine designs of gardens are prepared. And while implementing the design, you have to use your discretion. For example, you must try to arrange the plants depending on the design. Herbs and shrubs can be placed in between the trees for an aesthetic appeal.

A garden that speaks of fine designs is a pleasure to look at. It is especially true if you own a garden. Imagine sitting and enjoying a cup of coffee while looking at all the fuchsias and morning glories neatly organized and blooming in their rows.


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