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Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening Area

More and more devoted gardeners are now veering away from conventional gardening techniques and switching to organic gardening to care for their gardens. The reason is simple: organic gardening works in a wonderful manner as the gardeners eschew the synthetic chemicals and their yards free from potential hazards. This form of gardening aims at the core of the very word – soil. As we know that soil is the most essential component to give life to a garden; if enriched with organic matter, it becomes fertile, airy and produces healthy crop.

Despite the popularity and the growing trend in the shift towards organic gardening over the past few years, this is actually not something new.  Organic gardening and organic farming has long been the method used by farmers and gardeners throughout the centuries to keep their crops and gardens healthy and beautiful which acts like a sanctuary for them to collect their thoughts and hold parties in.

Organic gardening helps the plants to absorb the different nutrients found in the soil and in the air through different techniques such the regular loosening up of the soil to allow the roots to absorb air and the incorporation of compost made from organic products such as manure and dried leaves into the soil to further increase the amount of nutrients that the plants absorb to help them bloom and bear crops.

With the onset of the Industrial Revolution, societies have a penchant for fast and instant results.  Not only did this apply to the production of crops, but also in the tending of their gardens in order for them to have more time to do many more things.  The introduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers caused organic gardening and farming to temporarily take a back seat.  The chemicals utilized in these fertilizers and pesticides have been found not only to keep the plants more healthy but allow them to produce higher quantities of crops as compared to organic gardening and farming.

There are a number of reasons why organic gardening has now gotten back into the limelight.  First is the quality of the produce.  Although conventional gardening does yield more crops for gardeners to sell and make some extra profit out of it, the quality of the products is far inferior.  Many of those that have sampled the produce resulting from organic gardening and farming find the crops have more flavor, further heightening the quality of the dishes that are made using the produce coming from organic gardening and farming.

Another reason involves the health of the gardener and their families.  While chemical pesticides and fertilizers do enhance the health and growth on the plants, the reverse is actually seen in the health of people.  Many of these chemical pesticides and fertilizers have been recently linked to a variety of different cancers and other ailments.  Although this is absorbed by the body in extremely small quantities, over time inhaling these chemicals and ingesting them through food can affect one’s health in the long run.

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