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Considering a Water Feature?

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When it comes to implementing a water feature into your landscape design, there are multiple questions and aspects you should consider before you just dive right in. Questions such as: How much area am I willing to allot to the feature? What is my budget? What type of feel am I going for? What about the maintenance? Once you answer these questions, then you can start looking into the different types of water features that will fit into your budget and style.

Most of the time, your budget will determine all other aspects of your water feature. How much you are willing or able to spend helps you decide how large or complex your feature will be. Factoring in cost of labor, materials – lining, fountain, fish, plants, aqua-life, monthly and annual maintenance all help determine how much you are willing to spend on the type of feature you want.

Also, you need to decide what kind of look or feel you are wanting. Do you want something more “zen”, i.e. – soothing to the senses, which could consist of a bubbling fountain, a simple waterfall, a koi pond, tranquil pool, etc.? Or do you want something that is more natural and self-sustaining? The natural water feature would require more materials in the way of stones, gravel, plants, fish or other aqua-life, etc. and would take up more space and money.

Once you decided on your budget and what style of feature you want, you then need to consider the amount of maintenance involved. Most all water features will need upkeep in the way of debris and leaf removal. Sometimes it’s as simple as using a leaf blower, but other times requires a skimmer. Along with this, there is the cost of keeping the water clean and rid of bugs and mosquitoes. Usually a healthy dose of chlorine helps with that problem, as well as keeping the water circulating (we all know that stagnant water invites mosquitoes to breed and lay eggs). However, if you are housing fish in your water feature, the chlorine treatment is not advisable, as it would kill the fish.  Then, you need to make sure that you are choosing materials that are consistent with your climate. How unfortunate it would be to choose a fountain made of metal that cracks easily in freezing temperatures!

After all this consideration, it’s time to decide on which type of water feature! So, what kinds of water features are out there? The more concise list is this: ponds, fountains, pools, pre-cast fountain, and container gardens/fountains. Ponds and pools can vary in size from little “puddles”  to very expansive. Fountains and pre-cast fountains are generally the main attraction and usually self-contained, and vary in size and intricacy. Container gardens/fountains are more modest in size and typically use a motor to circulate the water.

Now that you have an idea of the things you need to take into consideration with your water feature, it should become a much easier decision.

Guest article written by Carroll Landscaping, Inc. a landscaping design company located in Baltimore County, Maryland.

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