Garden Fertilizer – How To Choose The Right Fertilizer For Your Garden

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Garden fertiliser and various weedkillers
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The key to fine gardening is in knowing what fertilizer will work best for your garden. There are a wide variety of different garden fertilizers available and each one has specific benefits. Also the type of garden fertilizer that you choose will have a marked impact on the overall taste of your vegetables. Therefore you have to ensure that you are using the fertilizers that are especially made for use for the food crops or flowers you are targeting. The best ones, however, are your organic gardening fertilizers such as cow and pig manures.  Before you use these fertilizers make certain that they are fully fermented or rotten before spraying them in your garden.

To grow fine garden vegetables in your garden nothing will compare to the good old tried and true manure fertilizers. If you are not in a location where you have access to the fresh stuff there is still commercial grade manure fertilizers that you can purchase and they will do just as good of a job.

Yet another aspect of choosing a fertilizer for your garden is that you have to pay special attention to any additives that may harm or change the overall character of your soil; and this may affect the quality of your produce. Some side effects are:

  • If there are too much sawdust or wood shavings, which are normally found in manure, it can produce sourness to your soil. You should consider using chicken, sheep, or pigeon manure as these are the most ideal. The value of nutrients that are within these manures is comparable to that of the commercial chemical fertilizers that are available on the market.
  • Too much of potassium or other salts may increase the pH level of your soil, thereby harming the roots.

The commercial fertilizers can be a lot trickier for you to work with. This is because you should know that application itself has to be more specific to the types of plants that you are planting. It is a lot more difficult however to find the right blend for the various plants that you are planting. When you are purchasing your commercial gardening fertilizer you should see that it is specifically made for vegetables. Also you should read all the package directions and make sure that you understand these directions thoroughly before even starting your fine gardening venture.

Initially you can consider testing out the fertilizer in a small area of your garden before you are applying it on larger areas throughout your garden. This way you can judge your plants’ overall reaction to the chemicals present in the fertilizers. Then once you get the plants response you can either add more or less as needed. The above theory is the golden rule of fine gardening.

Therefore the fundamentals of fine gardening are that you have to choose the right fertilizer for your garden along with other factors like irrigation etc.  For this you have to experiment and see what works the best for your garden.

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