Pot Gardening – Why You Should Choose It?

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Pot Gardening - A Potted Herb Garden

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A lot of people consider a great herb garden as a part of fine gardening but sadly there are some who do not have the requisite space available to grow their garden. Well instead of a plot to put your herbs in how about pot gardening? To a lot of people pot gardening for their herb garden is gardening at its best. There are a variety of different reasons why people choose creating their herb gardens in pot versus a plot.

If you live in a city, apartment, or you are small home owners you can still have a fine garden with great herbs through pot gardening. You can place small compact pots on balconies, window sills, even on your living room it does not matter as long as your herbs will still get adequate sun. But do not fret if you do not have a lot of light for your pot gardening you can always create artificial light through use of artificial sun lamps. It will be just like having your very own farm and what’s even better is that it is portable.

Your pot gardening will also be able to offer you, flexibility, portability, and even longevity. You can start your herb garden in pots either indoors or outdoors. Also since almost all of the herbs return year after year you will always have fresh herbs on hand.  Just think if you would have planted your herbs in a plot outdoors you would have to wait till spring to get fresh herbs again. While in pot gardening, you can get them any time you want.

Another reason why a lot of people choose pot gardening for their herbs is that they give them the ability to keep their herbs under control. Herbs will grow just like weeds if you let them. Your pot gardening gives your herbs the ability to stay contained but at the same time you have to make certain that they are given ample room to grow. See that pot used is at least 1.5 times bigger than your herb plant itself. If your plants outgrow their current pot all you need to do is simply plant them in a bigger pot. Also see that you use large containers for herbs which grow extensively like mint. Mint can actually run rampant and can take over the entire plot. Basically put such kind herbs in separate containers. Alternatively for dwarf variety of herbs like rosemary, you can choose small pots.

Pot gardening will give you the ability to move your herbs to a critter free area as needed. You should avoid leaving them on the deck in areas where bugs and other critters can nibble and damage your herbs.
An essential component of this kind of gardening is that don’t let the pots to sit in water. But do sprinkle water on them during the summer days. This will increase humidity and allow you to get rid of dust. Additionally, good drainage is important if your herbs are in a pot.

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