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Seed Gardening Tips!

by Admin

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Seed Gardening Tips


Seed gardening is a wonderful hobby for anybody who loves gardening. The pleasure and excitement you get when you see the seeds germinating and throwing out small leaves from the womb can leave anyone bereft.

In seed gardening there are a variety of seeds available. It is good if you follow some tips from fine gardening processes. These include:

  • Arranging your saplings and organizing them neatly.
  • When you plant the seeds, you have to take care of the spacing to be given between each seed. This space can vary for different seeds.
  • Some seeds are planted in clusters and are replanted when they sprout. While some other seeds in seed gardening require to be planted with wide spacing around them. This is due to the expanse of roots or branches and leaves that may be developed when the sprouts appear.
  • Also enough light must pass between the plants for the healthy growth.

Seed gardening does not require too much of space. You can use recycled jars, pots, and even your old pen holders for the purpose. This is indeed one of the important concepts of fine gardening. You may have to keep these jars or pots on the window sills or by the door steps for getting enough sunlight. Also take enough measure to pour adequate amount of water. As the jars is small and do not lose water easily like the wide mouthed pots, less watering may be required for these seeds to sprout.

Sunflower SeedYou can buy the seeds from the nurseries or markets. Even the seeds from the fruits or vegetables you throw away can be used for the purpose of seed gardening. But you may have to research on the plants that grow from seeds and that propagate by other methods. Certain nurseries sell their products online. So you can browse through the seeds in the nurseries, compare the prices, research on the growing conditions, and order them online. There are catalogs available which you can use for the purpose also. There are even certain books available in the nurseries, offering tips on fine gardening. You can implement these tips and techniques when you start your seed gardening.

During certain seasons, you can get discounts on the seed costs. As a matter of fact, buying discounted seeds is much better than buying a sapling of the same plant which may be very costly. Also, you will never more have the problem of disposing the used up plastic containers, broken glasses, and even polythene bags. Use them all in your seed gardening!

You can browse the internet and find tips on fine gardening and implement those in your gardening. The seed gardening business indeed requires less or no investment. But the gains you reap out of this can be awarding. Additionally not much effort is needed in the process. But yes, you need to check that ants do not carry away the seeds you plant. Just keep an eye on the rodents too and your seed gardening will thrive.

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