Why Fine Gardening is An Art Form?

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Fine Gardening An Art Form Art
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Many avid gardeners have considered fine gardening as an art form.  To them, a garden is more than just a patch of land that is filled with different kinds of trees, shrubs, plants and decorations.  Fine gardening involves so much more than that.  In fact, many gardeners that take up this type of gardening can be found working hours upon hours at a time on their fine gardening project, making the final result truly a masterpiece that they could be proud of.  Here are just some of the reasons why fine gardening has been considered to be an art form.

It Starts with a Vision

One of the reasons is that fine gardening begins with a vision.  Many people that undertake garden remodeling and improvement projects merely go along with an idea of making their garden more aesthetically pleasing to their eyes.  Fine gardening takes this to a higher level.  Avid gardeners envision it as an extension of their personality in order to make this into their very own sanctuary and haven to help them eventually escape the problems and cares of the world, once it has been completed.

Attention to Detail

Another reason why fine gardening is considered to be an art form is the meticulous attention given to the garden in completing the project.  This goes well beyond allocating some segments of the garden to certain trees, shrubs and flowering belonging to various species.  A gardener taking up a fine gardening project also ensures that there is a balance of open space and plants planted.  The gardeners also make sure that the colors and sizes of the flowers complement each other.  They see to it that there is a right sense of proportion of the different plants planted in the garden, making sure that one corner would not feel heavier than the other. Thus fine gardening can be compared to an artwork amalgamation of ideas splashed across by a painter on his canvas.

The Need of Principles and Methods

By definition, the word art refers to a craft or a trade that is based on the use of different principles and methods.  Fine gardening is more than just simply planting a couple of pretty plants in the garden.  Gardeners that take on a fine gardening venture take some time out to study the different principles behind gardening from choosing the right kind of plants for their garden’s location to the proper way of nurturing for these plants and also identifying the mixture of soil for each section of the garden.  They incorporate these gardening methods to the different principles of arts such as the proper blend of colors, proportion, the rule of thirds and how the eye naturally travels through a canvass when they design their fine gardening masterpiece.

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